Our Divine Dermis

Elevate to a Higher state of Existence through the Power of Your Dermis!

Our dermis (skin) is comprised of millions of nerves and thousands of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) that link to our central nervous system communicating with every cell in our body. This communication extends into our ethereal state called auras by spiritualist, and plasmatic matter by scientist (minus the illusion of "race"). As a "Primordial Being" of the solar system this energy stems from the essence of your soul being. It is called a "Halo". Our course "Activate Your Melanin Powers" and all others shall begin opening your mind physically and spiritually to resurrect your "Halo" and bring you to a blessed and higher state of being within your essence. The moment is now to resurrect the links to your eternal source of creation: You. Click the link to view classes and enroll.
Our Divine Dermis

A Blessed Commendation

from Frenchy Bryant

"Crystal, thanks for all the lessons and encouragement. There are no words to say thank you! I used all the "energy" repressed inside me to become who you see in the photo today!"

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